California Digital PhotographyOne of the best architectural pieces of the city of Los Angeles. The Walt Disney Concert Hall, is located at civic center between 1st and Grand st. Appreciating its beauty this wonderful and unique building features modern architecture that many categorize as Expressionism, Modernism, and Sustainable Architecture.


LA Financial District shares the center of Downtown with Bunker Hill, and is the corporate heart of Los Angeles, known as the Financial District. With the 7th Street Metro station at its center, the area is filled with office buildings, hotels, banks, shopping centers and other related services for its busy inhabitants.

DIGITAL PHOTOThe emotional Urban snapshot captured the beauty of the sunset over the buildings and the freedom of working with colors. Toy Factory, Los Angeles CA.


This section of Downtown Los Angeles is well known for apparitions, and shadow people that roam the bridges by night-time. It’s one unpredictable part of town at night, so you want to make sure to go in a group to watch each others backs. People have seen some mysterious stuff around these bridges and old abandoned factory buildings. Location:  south of the 4th Street Bridge in Downtown Los Angeles

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